Welcome to Hirakud College.

Established in the year 1979, Hirakud College, Hirakud as it is known today was formerly named as Nilamani Routray NAC College, Hirakud. Catering to the Educational needs and aspirations of the people of this part of Western Odisha, Hirakud College stands as a Pioneer Institution which provides education in both Arts and Commerce streams in the intermediate and under-graduate level affiliated to CHSE, Odisha and Sambalpur University respectively.
Being named after the longest Earthen Dam of the world HIRAKUD DAM, this Institution works in its own building amidst a green and student friendly campus. Situated on the outskirts of Sambalpur Town which is just 10kms away, this College which is adjacent to the left dyke of Hirakud Dam owes its success to the relentless and selfless efforts of all its stakeholders.

Principal Wishes (Dr. Aswinee Kumar Supakar. Reader (SS) in Pol. Sc.)

The chiaroscuro of the bygone four decades betokens still more travails awaiting this institution for a student of the equilibrium one can envisage. A moment's thought obviates the indispensability of united efforts and co-operation above all individuals differences. The approaching years beckon to us all come together and strive heart and soul so as to transform this now struggling hub of higher education into a citadel of enlightenment standing on the wood environed outskirts of an industrial township.

Late noble thoughts come to us from every side. Let us be up and daring and set our shoulders to the wheel to bring about academic, extracurricular, ethical and infrastructural excellence and feel sense of pride to shout in a chorus: WE BELONG TO HIRAKUD COLLEGE.