ହୀରାକୁଦ ମହାବିଦ୍ୟାଳୟ

"Extension of e-Admission dateline for the session 2022-23 under project SAMS"

About Us

★ Why us
★ Our Mission
★ Why Academic Party
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About Us

Why Us

In as much as this college, a premier shrine of higher education towers in its encircling locality as a bacon -light for the conscious milieu the very concept of its emblem incorporates into its scope the agro-economic and intellectual backgroud of its neighbourhood represented by four times - the dam, the factory, the open book and the vedic dictum inscribed at the base. The world-famous dam together with the smoking chimneys representing a factory symbolizes at once the agrarian resourcefulness and the economic affiuence of the populace, where as the open book is symbolic of wishdom towards which the young learners must voyage, inspired by the motto “TAMASO MAA JYOTIRGAMAYA” - “Lead me to light from out of the encircling gloom of ignorance”.

Our Mission

Ours is an advanturous mission through the’encircling gloom’ of infrastructural, financial and academic inconveniences, targeting the accomplishment of at least a consolatory status of all-round development of the ‘tender telents’ within the conceptual frame of learning so as to enable them to ‘stand’ in their after life.

Why Academic Party

Hirakud Junior college (+2) and Hirakud Degree college (+3) strictly abide by the guidelines that the Department of Higher Education, Govt. Of Odisha, issues time to time in relation to the admission process for both +2 and +3 courses in the state. A fully fledged SAMS (Student Academy Management System) centre of the Hirakud College has been function since last few sessions successfully under the guidance of Principal in the interest of the students. The center works in consultations with the SAMS center of G.M. College (Nodal) sambalpur and updates data complies with as is required. Students can take admission into Arts and Commerce stream in both intermediate and Graduates courses

We Provide:-

  • Xerox facilities E-mail, Fax
  • Students’-cum- Book Bank Visitors’ shed
  • Reading Room
  • Two/Four - wheeler Stand
  • Free Studentship
  • Cricket Practice Pitch, Football & Hocky Field
  • Poor Students’ Financial Assistanc
  • Hostle for Girls Students
  • Girls/Boys Common Room
  • Canteen and Drinking water facility
  • Cultural pendal / Water Purifier
  • Computeized Library
  • SAMS
  • Genetor / Invete
  • Member ECO Club
  • Member Rotract Club