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"Extension of e-Admission dateline for the session 2022-23 under project SAMS"



The Computer Science department an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) cell has always given its remarkable contributions for the college as well as the students in all circumstances.

Before CBCS pattern, Computer Application Subject was an Elective subject for Both Hons. and Pass Students of +3 ARTS and Commerce. After the CBCS pattern introduced, Computer Application is a GE subject for +3 III Semester and IV Semester students and its running in Hirakud College Successfully under the Department of Computer Science.

Total number of the student enrolled is 44 in the session 2020-2021 . This subject is of a 60 and 40 ratio of Theory and practical exam. Hirakud college has a nice computer lab of total number of computer is 10 and a big HD display unit for showing practical to students. The lab is well equipped with Wi-Fi facilities and a high speed internet service for the students. The lab is also under the CCTV surveillance.

The last year students who have secured O and E Grade in this subject were quite happy and satisfied. The last two sessions this department has achieved 100 % results and success in the college.

The project report and practical records submission of the students for each session are done very smoothly and records are being kept for official uses at different time. Assigning internal marks to students which is at the college end is highly secured and strictly a non-disclosure item for this department.

In the +2 wing of our college the Basic Computer Education is one of the subject which has been taught to the students, and we are going to implement the Information Technology (IT) as 4th optional subject in ARTS and Commerce streams for the larger interest of the students

Facilities Given by this department to students:

1. Practical Report Preparation and Printing.
2. Student Notes preparation for any subject and circulating it in group in softcopies and hardcopies.
3. Searching information furnished in internet of any research and latest development in any field Which helps the student for a
seminar and different competitions.


Other activities of this department in the progress and smooth functioning of college:

1. The college website is smoothly managed by the head of the department and any updation like notice, Circulars, Events or Photos are updated quickly.
2. This department is developing a partial automation software for the Library activities of the college, which is in progress and it will be a great achievement of the college by managing such a thing internally.
3. Time to time this department has given its contribution during admission process of student in each session whether it may be offlinkbox or online.
4. This department has given a remarkable contribution in college during online examination of the students in COVID-19.
4. Most of the technical problems in the field of Information Technology of the college are managed by this department.

Faculty Profile:
Sushanta Satpathy MCA Lect. In Computer Application satpathy.inc@gmail.com 9439421821 2014