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The only raw and cruel truth in the world is death. A person cannot takebirth at his/her wish but once taken birth, death becomesindispensable. So, embracing this eternal truth, let's rear and nourish our warm dream anddesire to become something uncommon, unchallengeable, well distinct in the gap between birth and death, Let's safeguard our very existence in every pageof the history of human civilization, let'svow: we will not die with a bowl of debt toour parents,teacher, society andmotherland at large. Let's march on andon and give a handful of sand,like a squirrel in the erection of the dam of development and progress of the country, which is always a continuous process, like a going concern.

The span of human life is brief.In this short span, we are to complete a long Journey……… to cover a long road before the sunset,before the advent of the night and before the domain of sleepridingover our eyesto pluck the fruit of success from the tree of testsand struggles. Let's start extinguishing millions of germs/viruses that are born in our body in the form of anger, greed, violence, illusion,possessiveness, pride and vanity , thought of conspiracy, lure and lust,inferiority and superiority complexes by starting nourishing anddomesticatingkindness, humanity, truth, honesty, patience , love , strong will-power like domestic animal in the den of our heart to build ourselvesat least a simple human being like a human , if not possible to be a saint or a god and let's come to abolish and erase the word 'I' from our Dictionary of Ego.

In order to do all these we are to abandon the ugly beast of ignorance from the arena of our life which has been nested in the tree of our heart since time immemorial by enkindling the light of knowledgeand wisdom which starts from the labour-room of a person:---school/college and from our home. Let us remember not to go on debiting our account by telling lie every moment,minute,hour or day. Thisis not the symbol of a good man in the life's business.

Death is a must but let us not die with a cup of tea, but die after a marathon race, die on the way to touch the sky. And let us start our learning from school, the temple of education. And before entering into this temple of education we should ask ourselves-from where I have come –what I had brought with me, why I have come for –"where I have to go and what I can take with me" Chanting the Mantra-
"And miles to go … before I sleep… before I sleep……"